What are you stalking today?

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  1. PM in Mono back on website!! :smile:
  2. My SA has reverse monogram Pochette Metis if you are looking! PM me your name/number if ready to buy now!
  3. Favorite MM in mono available (us)
  4. Favorite mm in de is also available us right now
  5. Darn- missed it!
    Thank you anyway
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  6. Sorry. Maybe next time.
    I know we all can’t be here all the time. Too bad we don’t have a stalking personal shopper. :lol:
  7. Has anyone seen these earrings available online recently? (Canada/US site)
  8. Mono kirigami available!
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  9. Favorite MM Mono Add to Bag.
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  10. Mon monogram mini pa's discontinued.
  11. Whhhhhaaaa?!
  12. I noticed that you can't click on the item anymore on the LV site. Another one bites the dust,
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  13. The link to personalize is there but goes to a page not found
  14. Oh no. I’ve been stalking all week and keep missing it. :sad:
  15. #3000 Feb 11, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
    Yeah a cs told me and I had to double check...looked at usa, can, fra, aus, hk and all countries removed it from their listings so thought I would share it here
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