What are you stalking today?

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  1. Stocking my bank account for that tax return. :graucho:
  2. I had no clue these were out of stock! That explains why they are selling for retail on ebay.
  3. I sent my Pochette Metis Infrarouge to have it reglazed and now I'm finding myself on YouTube watching anything on the bag.. I love this bag and so happy I didn't exchange because of its glazing issues. ITS A KEEPER!! It's funny I'm obsessed with a bag I already own... ha ha
  4. Pochette Metis classic print annnnnd I just got the call, got it!!
  5. A success story !!! :yahoo:
  6. All canvas Agendas in the MM size and Pochette in Azur.
  7. Too many to mention. :sad: But I have hope that I’ll get what I’m dreaming of...eventually. :lol:
  8. Neverfull MM DE. They don't even have it at my local store. I'm kicking myself for not ordering it weeks ago when it was in stock.
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  9. Not sure where you are at, but the Charlotte, NC had several in stock yesterday
  10. I'm in SE Michigan. Usually Troy, MI always has stock but they said it's been extremely popular lately. Probably because it rained almost a week straight last week.

  11. I am stalking the Clemence wallet in empreinte cerise. I guess I have to order it in store. It‘s never available :sad:.
  12. Wow. Can’t believe that’s out of stock :shocked:
  13. I can't either. I figured it would always be in stock.

  14. I check about 5 times a day. How often does everybody check?
  15. Successfully stalked a Victorine kabuki wallet and Pochette Metis today - hope they are not canceled!!
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