What are you stalking today?

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  1. PM mono still there!
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  2. Looking for Pallas Clutch in rose poudre. Any sightings much appreciated.
  3. Available now
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  4. I feel like I should be stalking something but I’m not. Ha! This thread is dangerous.
  5. I agree. I’m after the azur PA, but have to stop myself every time the Favorite MM in DE is available.
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  6. I’m willing to give up my azur PA for a Trunks TP26!:nuts::biggrin:

    I hope you get your PA. I know I won’t be getting mine. Turns out it was a seasonal limited edition item. (Another member told me). So it will be a waste of time to stalk; therefore I’m not stalking anything at the moment. :biggrin:

    But that can change. :lol:
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  7. Thanks!!! :biggrin:

    I’ll stalk the trunks TP for you. While searching for that item, I came across the trunks bandeau in rose poudre that I think would look so cute with the azur PA!

    Was the trunks collection before or after catogram?
  8. Yes that would look beautiful with the azur. :heart:

    Thanks but I think it’s a waste of time, a member here told me she had gotten it in May. So I guess that was way before the catogram.
  9. Favorite MM mono available on Canadian site.
  10. All 3 key pouches available again.
  11. Hurry the rose Pallas clutch is available
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  12. Hurry it’s available
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  13. Pochette Metis mono and Favorite MM mono available on Canadian site.
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  14. Métis available us site mono
  15. Favorite mm de Available US