What are you stalking today?

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  1. Graceful pm pivoine place in cart US site!
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  2. Key pouch in mono and DE available
  3. Already gone. on US site at least. I'm admiring the Azur. Not stalking exactly. but admiring. :love:
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  4. Mono kiragami are available
  5. These three bags are available in my store now. I had the Duffle on hold but decided against it. PM if interested. 644404D1-5CA7-4223-A509-8B40E32FC564.jpeg
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  6. Superstition bandeau in Noir and Rose place in cart hurry! Just snagged the light pink :smile:
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  7. I just called my store today (a week or so after the 15) and they had the 19. Crossing my fingers for you to find your 15. :smile:
    I was looking for that one, but gave up because everyone I asked in multiple stores said no. However, CS told me that they will be back in again in February so IDK.
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  8. Mono kirigami available...
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  9. Just a heads up, the Cannes reverse is available on the website!
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  10. I nearly bought that but talked myself out of it. I already have the epi version and can barely carry anything in it - but I do love it!
  11. Does the Zippy Coin Vernis in Freesia ever come available?
  12. Favorite PM in DA available now if anyone is interested.
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  13. Looks like it Might be all gone. Havent seen it replenish anymore. A lot of the freesia stuff are no more.
  14. I was
    I was so temped as well!!:biggrin:
  15. Key pouch in mono available.
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