What are you snacking on *right now*?

  1. Cookies and cream ice-cream. But it's the low-fat version. That's only kinda bad.

  2. Ferrero Rocher. Very, very bad... :shame:
  3. You and I are not setting good examples, pursegal. Shame on us.
  4. It's 12:33am on my clock, and I'm heading to bed. So nothing. But on a typical night when I'm crackin' at the books, I have air popped popcorn. Or chocolate for the really stressful exams :smile:
  5. Right now..
    i am munching on these yummie japanese snacks..
    its corn+strawberry+chocolate..
    really yummie i tell you...
  6. B&J Cherry Garcia ice cream. =)
  7. Taro exotic veggie chips. They're half bad :shame: but half good :lol:
  8. It is 7:57pm right now, and I am a very very good girl. I am snacking on honeydew melon slices!
  9. I love Ferrero Rocher :love:

    I'm having my daily Starbucks as I type.
  10. Well I'm eating a Lemon Zest Luna Bar and about to go grab a starbucks chai latte with soy milk!
  11. Smart Pop popcorn with parmesan cheese and a Diet Dr. Pepper.
  12. Apples and peanut-butter!
  13. Special K vanilla snack bites, yummy :smile:
  14. just drinking h2o, trying to be good
  15. Nature Valley chewy granola bar - strawberry yogurt flavor :smile: