What are you snacking on as you read this forum?

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  1. Taffel nacho cheeseballs and Hyvää päivää citrus health drink. :biggrin:
  2. Nothing! I fight the urge to snack with all my mights.
  3. Oh so tonight I was bad...I went to get a peach and I ate a piece of toast with a piece of feta cheese and a pickle. Sounds odd but it really hit the spot. Yummy :smile:
  4. a bag of Chex Mix.. for breakfast :o I think I might be PMS-ing :sad:
  5. Does coffee count? :P
  6. ......some baby carrots, a pack of peanut butter-n-crackers, diet coke and some pain med for my knee...hoping doesn't give me 'medicine head' as I have tons of work, needing a sidebasket for my inbox...<<damn them expecting me to work while I'm @ work>> lol
  7. Yes, I'm loading up on it right now, too!
  8. Bar-B-Q Fritos.
  9. Lunch! Salad with mixed baby greens, chicken, ginger sesame dressing (you must buy it, IntlSet! :P ), grape tomatoes and carrots; a plum; sugar free caramel flavored jello cup :love:
  10. COCO milk.
  11. Hmmm coffee.........thanks for the idea. Iced Coffee here I come!

  12. I wish I could be as healthy as you. :smile: Even your jello is sugar free!
    I'm moving on to animal crackers with icing.
  13. LOL! :lol: I'm getting back on the bandwagon after two weeks or so of pretty much nothing but junk :shame: I've got some serious tummy flab that I need to get rid of by Memorial Day, I might be going to the Bahamas or spending the long weekend at the beach :nuts:

    The worst is when I go home - there's a ton of candy on my kitchen table. My bf's birthday was Monday and his co-workers gave him bag after bag of M&M's, Jelly Bellys, KitKats, Reese's PB Cups, you name it. And his mom baked chocolate chip cookies :love: Must stay strong!
  14. I'm having apples w/ carmel & a diet dr. pepper. YUM!!
  15. God, I think I need you as MY motivation! lol Last night I bought groceries...it was really bad, I ended up coming home with 4 cans of pringles (4 for $5 deal- i hate those!!) a bag of BBQ Fritos, These animal crackers, two boxes of Drumsticks, a box of cake mix and icing...the only good thing I bought was lettuce to make caesar salad, and even that's fattening!!:nuts: