What are you snacking on as you read this forum?

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  1. Me: A bowl of Honey Smacks cereal.

  2. Orange Bang...yummy orange frothy drink!
  3. Right now just water, I'm heading out for a little powerwalk before breakfast. Then fooooooooood!!
  4. i just had a turkey-burger patty melt and tater tots for dinner :smile:

    yes, i'm in that wacky retail schedule where i eat dinner at 11:30 p.m.
  5. I am eating some coconut cookies. Yummy.
  6. junk food :-X you caught me!

    My dinner was less than 200 calories, so I figured I deserve some, darn it!
  7. Aquafina Sparkling with Berry flav.

    it's yummy:love:
  8. A bowl of strawberries. :smile:

    USCgerl- I love Orange Bang too! Also Orange Julius drinks.
  9. diet coke!
  10. green tea ice cream :smile:
  11. Waffles, well usually :lol:
  12. lol Reading the title made me smile because I just so happened to sit down at the computer with a pack of Cafe cookies just before logging in.
  13. right now i am having a bowl of grapenuts! i used to be so addicted to them but for some reason stopped buying them.. and i just picked up a box the other day and am back in love with my previous addiction..haha :smile:
  14. instant noodles :cry:
  15. snacking on frozen grapes, I had a very big dinner at my favorite restaurant.:biggrin: I feel guilty:cry:
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