What are you secretly wishing to get for Valentine's Day????

  1. Well I posted before that my bf asked me to choose btwn the LV love scarf and the Hearts but that the Hearts were completely sold out in UK.

    I have an inkling that my boyfriend managed to get hold of one :nuts: I better not keep my hopes up though! The scarf is now also sold out online :s

    So what are u ladies/guys wishing to receive on Valentines Day this year?! Spill it out!!! :lol:
  2. I'm hoping for a zippy wallet in mono!
  3. I would lvoe love to get a vernis heart but actually more than that I really wish my Valentine (DH) would be home on that day to celebrate with and he won't be:crybaby:
  4. aww! That sucks. Will he be away on a work trip or something? I might have to work in the restaurant on valentines day (I work part time to end some extra money to buy LVs since I'm still a student). I am still begging the manager to let me off!!!
  5. Vernis heart in gold! But I don't think it's happenin' :sad:
  6. A job, so I can buy myself a new LV bag :p
  7. I would be over the moon to get a pomme vernis heart.. but it won't happen! LOL
    If I get it.. it will be bought by yours truly! :graucho:
  8. The hearts seem like a popular choice! Is it LE? Wasn't it out last year for a while or something? have to say I wasn't as obsessed this time last year :biggrin:
  9. I secretly signed up my BF's email for Eluxury newsletters so he can be more LV educated...I've already hinted him that I want Pomme Vernis Agenda..fingers crossed!
  10. Anything LV :smile: would be a great Vdays gift :smile: from DF
  11. azur speedy 30!
  12. I bought my hearts myself but if I didn't it would've been the Pomme heart.
  13. i want a pomme heart, but i doubt he know what that is.. :sweatdrop:
  14. $$$ to fund my next LV purchase!:nuts:
  15. vernis pomme or violette zippy wallet...