What are you scared of?

  1. I thought this would be kinda fun :smile:

    Here's what I'm afraid of:
    - Bees
    - Spiders
    - Any bug that goes "BUZZZZZZ" in my ear
    - Any bug, period. Except for Ladybugs, they're okay..
    - Ladders
    - Deep water
    - Water that I can't see the bottom of
    - Swimming in a lake with stuff in it. I don't swim in anything that's got plants, bugs, frogs, fish, etc in it. In the ocean I'll only go out to about my knees.
    - Ghosts. Yeah yeah, I know :P
    - Needles (shots, IVs, getting blood drawn, etc)
    - The dentist when they scrape your teeth with that scraper. UGHHHH!!!! It hurts my ears, lol. :nuts:

    That's all I could think of for now :smile: What about you? :biggrin:
  2. Bees cause I'm allergic.
    Spiders cause their gross.
    Being alone at night w/out my hubby in the house.
    Getting blood drawn.
    Going to the dentist for any reason!

    and the biggest one.......the one I would give away an arm if I could never get again......

    The puke bug!!!!!!
  3. Bugs!!
  4. Spiders
    Deep Water
    Blood (I can watch any of those surgery shows on TV)
  5. If you don't mind me asking.... What's a "puke bug"?
  6. I am afraid of:
    - bees (for me it is actually a phobia....different reaction to them than just being afraid...fear & phobia are two different things)
    - spiders
    - anything that flies...with the exception of butterflies, and even then I'll usually jump and scream....heck even birds scare me.
    - needles
    - blood (only in real life though...I can handle TV blood)
    - rodents
    - death
  7. The only thing I'm really afraid of is spiders. There was a BIG one (aren't they all BIG when you're afraid of them?!?!?) in my kitchen last Monday night. I called my hubby on his cell phone and made him drive home REALLY FAST from the carnival with our daughter so that he could kill it. I know, I'm crazy. Anyway, I stayed standing in the dining room on the phone the entire time (a good 20 mintues) watching that darn spider while my husband yelled at me the entire time for not getting the broom and killing it! Just couldn't do it! And of course, as soon as they pulled up in the driveway, the spider took off and has not been seen since. I've been too scared to be in my kitchen all week!
  8. My fears are a bit different than most:
    -losing my parents/family/husband (as in death)
    -having a sick child (and I'm not referring to a cold)
    -myself becoming sick or injured where I can no longer care for myself and need 24 hr medical care: this includes a stroke, car accident or any kind of head injury, etc. (same goes for my family/hubby)
  9. Heights and reptiles for me! :sad:
  10. spiders
    water I can't see the bottom of
    Dark...I know I just can't stand being in pitch black where I can't see anything
  11. Deep water and death.

  12. The stomach flu that makes you throw up! :throwup: The one that no matter what you do you are GOING to throw up. I HATE throwing up with a passion. Like so much so that I would give up an arm if someone could garantee me that I would never throw up again!!!! I HATE it!!!!!
  13. Lightning, Rollercoasters and Daddy Long legs!
  14. Clowns like Ronald McDonald freak me out! [​IMG]
  15. -Heights

    -flying in an airplane (well, I guess flying without one would be a fear too!)

    -God forbid something awful happening to one of my boys and I lose one of them

    -getting stuck in a subway train