What are you saving your pennies for and how much is in your piggy bank?

  1. Bought 2 Bals in the last month so trying to be good. Next one will be PS1 in lipstick red
  2. I tend to use cash for my handbag purchases so my credit cards can be saved for emergencies. I think I've gone a bit overboard the past two months. I have two impulse items still with tags that I'm evaluating returning.

    The next item up on my wishlist is this Reed Krakoff Gym Bag I in Cordovan.
  3. Would love a Ferragamo Briana in purple, but that's never gonna happen. :smile:
  4. i am on my way to get hermes herbag pm im black, but i couldn't find the new one everywhere, hermes just released the new herbag in bright colors, so i might get the used one on eBay :smile:
  5. Céline luggage tote in black. :smile:
  6. Celine luggage for long term but for now either mulberry bays or alexa, still cannot decide. Any suggestions? I'm a graduate student, will finish my study soon and will be looking for a job soon so I'm looking for sth I can take to work as well as for weekend.
  7. I love this question. I have been saving for a Birkin bag for the past three years and have 5,000.00 so as you can see I have a fair way to go. That is, if I could even manage to get on a waiting list to buy one. Has anyone every found a way to circumvent all the drama of buying this bag?
  8. Waiting list? More than $5000? OMG, what if you get it and don't like it???????
  9. How are you all saving? I've tried the while saving thing but once I get enough saved up I find something better within the amount I've saved and start all over again. Share your method!! How much would you say I should start putting aside for starters?!
  10. I hav the same problem! Would really love to know others' saving method ! I think it pretty much requires determination and effort.
  11. Hello hello... need to find people in the same 'boat' as me...
    I am saving for a big purchase and I have to give up quite a few other bags. I have not buy any bags for 2 months and now finally I can buy my 1st H bag (though still need to look for a pre-owned and still on a budget). Always on the lookout for H bags and somehow along the way, found many other dream bags! The RMs, Alexander Wang, Bal, vintage Gucci etc.. Sooo sad :sad:... when I finally set my heart on a H bag, I saw something coming in. Have tried very hard to resist any other temptations. I am still holding on to my target. Hopefully I wont be weak and buy that Alexander Wang in my watchlist! Anyone in the same boat? Share some tips?!;)
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  13. And sometimes the search feature brings up irrelevant results! That's a thread about saving (as in rescuing) a damaged bag, not saving money to buy a bag.

    OP - if you are saving money but tempted to spend the accumulating pile of cash, try making it inaccessible. For example, you could buy 6-month CDs so that the money is less liquid. Or put it in a savings account at an online bank where it will be more hidden from you.
  14. Thank you for catching that!!!!! - I have edited my post so it's no longer there!!! :smile:
  15. Saving MY pennies for an MCM Stark backpack. I'm about halfway there! :smile: