What are you saving for and when to get it?

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  1. Inspired be another thread: What are you saving for next and when do you plan to/think you´ll get it?

    I bought my Manhattan PM yesterday. Fact is I now only have my HG left on my list... uhh, its soo expensive, but its the last one on my list! Maybe this fall. I have to have money to travel this summer and for other kinds of shopping needs! :shame:

    Suhali Lockit PM, blue - this fall:girlsigh:

    What about you?
  2. I would also like a Suhali Lockit PM (in white). Not sure if I will get that next or maybe the Chanel accordion flap. Regardless, I won't get either for a few months. Maybe end of summer.
  3. i'm currently saving for a damier ebene speedy 25.......and plan on purchasing it during my first trip to new york city in 2 weeks!!!!
    i currently own just 2 lv pieces....damier ebene pochette and groom cles.:yes:
  4. i am saving for the WC speedy, palermo pm, and epi bowling montaigne,...i dont know what one I will get first.
  5. Suhali Gold Le Fabuleux, Stratus GM and Dentelle Fersen, I want to buy them at the same time so I need to save more and more :biggrin:
  6. watercolor vvn 35 ~ hope to have in May ~ they better call! lol

    I would love to have the beauborg (not sure of sp) ~ I think it comes out in June ( but I will have to wait until end of June or July to buy).
  7. I'm saving for the Damier Ebene 30 Speedy!! Hoping to own it sometime this month!!!
  8. I'm saving for a denim shawl. I'm going to get it after the summer because I have to save for my trip to London first ;)
  9. I'm saving for my first LV - either Mono Neverfull PM or Damier Speedy 25.

    I'll probably reach my goal near the end of summer... can't wait till my 16th birthday so I'll FINALLY be old enough to get a job! Plus birthday money :smile:
  10. Saving for a Damier Geant Loup ($950) and the matching key and change holder ($245)
    Will get it this summer
  11. And Im also looking for a pre-owned Montsouris GM backpack. They look so nice with the dark patina. I don't want a new one. Probably will cost around $600. Will get it this summer too..
  12. I'm saving for the trevi right now. It's really hard because I've recently decided that I need a damier speedy so it's tempting to just get that now. If I get that now it will set me back on when I get the trevi. I was planning on getting it in December ( I know, so far!) when I go to Ireland. I have this weird thing that I make big bag purchases when I go on trips but I don't think I can wait that long. So confused!
  13. Short term: mono speedy 25 and vernis or MC zippy wallet.

    Long term: Suhali Le Fab in BLACK (unless they come out with a gorgeous red)
  14. currently saving up for: watercolor speedy 30 and papillon 30. i will get them in the beginning of may (speedy for sure, not 100% on the pap). after that i'm going to get the tahitiennes PM in beige and damier neverfull. hopefully that'll be in july or august.
  15. I am hoping to get a Black Suhali lockit in MM and a Pink Tahitiennes PM by the end of the month (when I get off bedrest) and then hopefully in May I will get a call for the Watercolour Speedy VVN. I am also wanting a wallet but haven't decided which style I like the best...