What Are You Releasing Back Into The Wild?

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  1. After fighting myself for months, I've decided to release my French Wallet in vernis off into the wild for someone else to enjoy. For whatever reason I just don't like how fat it gets when you put all your cards and cash. It takes up too much space in my small bags. What are you releasing?
  2. I'm thinking of my Zippy Compact Wallet OM. I have the newer model and like it so much better
  3. I like this but I don't carry it much maybe it needs a new home

  4. I didn't purchase the zippy compact and now it's sold out,maybe discontinued. I think that would be my perfect wallet
  5. I have this card holder in empriente. It just holds business cards...
  6. I released my Retiro Noir NM last month. As beautiful as she was I only used her for trips. She was like a mini piece of luggage to me. She even still had that new canvas and suede smell. I will always think of her fondly...
  7. Nothing I'm releasing into the wild, but I've to say I love the title of this thread
  8. Soon releasing my DE Speedy B 35...it's just overwhelmingly big on me now! I bought it when I weighed about 80 lbs more than I do now and it looked proportional, but now that I've lost weight, it just looks silly on me. I'd keep it if we traveled more than once or twice a year and I needed a big bag. I will make do with my 25 and 30. Farewell to the 35!
  9. My DE 35 went off into the wild...to my mom! lol I couldn't sell it at such low resell value so I gave it to my mom and she LOVES it. It's her first LV.
  10. Pochette Metis Monogram. I bought it about 6 months ago and used it maybe 3 times. Just too small, and the separate compartments make it seem even smaller. Also considering letting go of my Clemence DE wallet. I bought a Victorine DE specifically to fit in the Metis and am really liking it. However, I do love the roomy coin compartment on the Clemence.
  11. I debate my DE with RB lining Neverfull MM as it still looks brand new and I barely ever reach for it since I prefer DA with RB Neverfull MM over her (as well as other bags). I just don't want to lose a ton of money so it sits for now.
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  12. Love the title of this thread! I am releasing my barely used Eva in DE and my agenda PM in DE.
  13. :biggrin::biggrin: lol! That's how I think of it when I sell something.
  14. That's more of a supervised release, with visitation! :smile:
    Awesome score for your mom!
  15. I just saw last night a few PM on Fashionphile! I'm am currently undecided about my wallet situation. I have a Sarah compact. While it's small enough, but has room for all my things, I just HATE how my bills are always folded. I don't think I'll ever find my holy grail wallet.
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