what are you reading ?

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  1. Yesterday i purchased Confessions of a shopaholic.. I might start it tonight before bed.

    Any opinions ?
  2. I've just finished reading "Blink" - it's quite interesting. The topic that it focuses on are unconscious snap judgements made by people, which sounds boring but it's actually quite good !
  3. Currently I'm reading "Failed States" The Abuse of Power & the Assault on Democracy by Noam Chomsky. It's very informative, it's about the American Empire and it's negative effects on the global scale. A very interesting read, lots of information about the Iraq war & US foreign & domestic policy.
  4. I Wish Someone Were Waiting For Me Somewhere
  5. An AWESOME book called "Water for Elephants." Just came out in hardback by Sara Greun (sp?). It's a novel about a circus in the 1930's. One of the main characters is a fabulous elephant named rosie -- and her keepers and thier various romances and dramas:smile:
  6. im reading the 9th gossip girl book. i just bought it today.
  7. I :heart: Noam Chomsky! One of my favorite books is Rogue States. he's so intelligent and articulate in his ideas, his books are definately worth the time, even if some of them can be a tad dense.

    right now i'm reading two different things:

    The Myth of You and Me by Leah Stewart. it's about two girlhood best friends that had a falling out and now, years later, one must find the other to deliver a package. it's excellent thus far.

    Gifted Tongues: High School Debate and Adolescent Culture by Gary Alan Fine. i was a nationally-ranked high school debater, it's interesting to see what a sociologist has to say about me and my friends after the fact :huh:
  8. Oh yeah, I'm also re-reading "I never promised you a rose garden" for my dissertation. That is an amazing book.
  9. just starting "baby proof", same author as "something borrowed"...i'm on a girly book kick
  10. heheheh, i'm reading the Laguna beach book at the moment... hehehe, its a really sweet book! hehehe!!!
  11. How To Murder Your Mother In Law by Dorothy Cannel. It's a mystery novel, not a real "how to" book. Every now and then I just have to read a good old-fashioned murder mystery.
  12. ^^ Ooh, confessions is a good one. I lent it to my cousin and never got it back.

    Most of my books come from the girly bargain section of Barnes & Nobles. :roflmfao: I stockpile them whenever I get gift cards and save them for summer or hurricanes when I'm bored out of my mind. I read Multiple Choice Thursday night, I forget the author but it's the same one as Must Love Dogs. I'm not sure what's next in my pile, maybe I'll start one now.
  13. still reading the da vinci code, been on it since jan, gotta get focus and just finish the book! :smile:
  14. I'm reading Candide by Voltaire. Summer assignment for AP English.
  15. I love the what are you reading threads! :heart: I get so many good book recommendations this way.

    Just read million little pieces...great book...gave it away already...

    Then I read...Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Wally Lamb and the Women of York Correctional Institution (Testimonies from our Imprisoned Sisters)...this book was terrific!

    Now I'm reading bitter is the new black! Hilarious