What are you reading right now??

  1. Enjoy the Song of Fire and ICE!

    If you notice my signature, I LOVED those books as well :smile:

  2. Barely Breathing - Rebecca Donovan
  3. Q & A a day
    Nice Girls Just Dont Get It
    The Baby Bible
  4. Finished Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan in one day..going to start reading The Little Lady's Agency
  5. Await Your Reply by dan Chaon
  6. Jane Corry - The Pearls.
  7. I loved the whole game of thrones series
    and I hear he is writing a 6th book
    he better LOL

  8. I just finished Mrs Peregrines home for Peculiar children
    it was odd but good

    Started The Loud Silence of Francine Green by Karen Cushman
  9. He has 7 planned but who knows how long it will take to release them. Book 5 took almost 6 years from the release of Feast For Crows.


    Book 6: The Winds of Winter (tentatively titled, not yet released)
    Book 7: A Dream of Spring (tentatively titled, not yet released)

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_game_of_thrones_books_are_there#ixzz21eD3ddHK
  10. How's that going? I read about half and gave up. I just didn't get it.
  11. I just finished The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker which I thought was amazing. Totally lived up to the hype IMO.

    Now I'm reading Office Girl by Joe Meno, which is a little too hipster but entertaining.
  12. I like it a lot. It's definitely an acquired taste. I struggled when part II started but once I got my stride I plowed through it. I hear it's one of Bolano's most difficult books, I plan to check out some of his earlier works.
  13. The fifth witness
  14. Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  15. LOVE this entire series and especially this book. Acheron :girlsigh: