What are you on "The List" for?

  1. I have decided that I have to have an Ocean Day with GGH- doesn't that sound like an awesome combo? BalNY has it with silver right now, but will be getting in the gold soon, so I put my name down.

    I'm also down for a Violet RH city.

    But these days, I'm thinking of PINE. People have been ignoring this color, which is fine, because I'm starting to get excited about it. When I called about the Ocean Day, I asked what Pine looks like, and she said it's kind of a blue-green, like a pine needle. This has me ALL excited, as I think this may be the color I've been wanted! Emerald in 2006 was close, but the color wasn't dark or saturated enough. Sapin has the right darkness but is too yellowy and not very blue. And I really don't like the olive greens. But this pine could be exactly what I want! But what to get it in?????
  2. Also, does anyone have any pictures of Pine?
  3. aerynna, here's the AW 07 collection swatch board. You can't really see the true likeness of Pine, but this will give you some idea of its tone --


    I'm down for a Violet Step and a Sienna Make-Up. :smile:
  4. Oh neat... awesome color reference, Thanks for sharing~! :tup:
  5. i'm down for a steel work, but i am also interested in the lune style and possibly a step...
  6. PINE


  7. Oooh- thank you, ICB! Not quite as blue/emerald toned as I'd hoped, but still lovely. Perhaps a RH City. :yes:
  8. I am on the list for a Violet RH Step and a Marigold Makeup....I still don't know if I'll buy the Marigold First or Makeup. I think I would get more use out of the First, but I don't have that much money to fork out all at once!
  9. marigold city!
  10. violet RH city
  11. violet coin purse!
  12. Marigold city:tup:
  13. I can't wait for the violet money wallet.
  14. Violet work and marigold twiggy but it turns out I'll only be able to buy one. I'm still conflicted...have no idea which one!