What are you non bag indulgences?

  1. Are there other 'luxury' items you splurge on? Or do you save it all for bags and accessories?

    I love tiffanys, mont blanc pens and electronics.
  2. Designer shoes and clothes.. everything has to go together. :supacool:
  3. mine are shoes, clothes, jewelry, books and computer stuff
  4. Tiffany,electronic gadgets and try to save up for bags..
  5. TIFFANY!!!!!! i love tiffany! and burberry accessories, i am eyeing on this really cute burberry ear muff :smile: so adorable!
  6. Shoes and well, I have a thing for chairs. Starck, Eames, Miller etc. I love them all
  7. I used to be into gold and diamond jewelry. Then, it was fur coats.
  8. I gotta say all my $ goes to LV. Anytime I'm about to make a big purchase, I always figure in my mind how many lv handbags I could buy for that amount. I'm clearly obsessed.:lol:
  9. Ummm.....my other indulgences?....Umm...well I buy lotsa expensive cosmetics/skincare stuff....I like Lancome for my daily routine products, then there's my lil pot of La Mer and my SKII pitera lotion...... lol......what else?....ummm...I BUY ENCYCOLOPEDIAS and DICTIONNARIES lol.......and those cost a fortune.
  10. Shoes- and Wallets... love 'em:heart::heart::heart:
  11. I love all types of clothing, but jackets/coats and shoes especially. I also love Tiffany jewelry, but don't usually buy it for myself.

    Oh, and great quality cosmetics.
  12. Mmmm... jackets/coats, cashmere, Louboutins and BIG rings.
  13. hmm.. dogs...
    I buy CKC, top breeder, campanion bloodlines poms that can be a little costly :smile: I consider my dogs my 2nd expensive investment other than my purses. Dont get me wrong I dont treat them like toys, their all my babies.
  14. Jewelry and to a lesser extent - jackets. I have a strange obsession with coats and jackets!
  15. Shoes, jewelry, and SUNNIES!