What are you lusting over right now?

  1. I would love a bg pink work with gold ggh. Lush, bright, smooshy, and gorgeous <sigh>.

    I just need to sell a few things off first lol.
  2. I was lusting over the GSH EB City. I finally picked it up today and now I'm not sure about it. I guess I have to decide if my lust for this bag will evolve into true love!
  3. I am lusting after another 04 First :shame: how greedy is that?!?! :sweatdrop:
  4. hmmm.... an EB RH Work (bal paris has sold out!) and my hg... apple green first!
  5. Black GSH Weekender and more GSH Coin Purses in dark colors and maybe another Extra Courier or two...
  6. an 05 magenta city!! Boy do I want one.

    Of course Sunspark, I'll always also lust after and regret the one and only that got away, your 03 caramel city. :crybaby:
  7. I would probably die for an 04 dark turq. city, twiggy, or first
  8. It's a tie between Black City (I know!!) and Violet DAY GSH for me!
  9. Accessories (thanks Jim)
    And trying to decide between PT or City GSH in Violet =/
  10. A BLACK weekender...
  11. A black first with pewter hardware and a fun colored CP
  12. Tomato day RH, bubblegum 05 day or city, all the new F/W 08 colors- I want a work in a dark shade
  13. Let me re-phrase that...


  14. Impatiently awaiting EB work...:hysteric: I have all these outfits I bought for her! :shame:
  15. ^^ LOL!!! :p:love::heart: