What are you loving this week?

  1. What leather type and what color are you loving for a bag this week?:love:

    You can tell us the style of bag as well...hardware too.
  2. Gigi's Choc Box Calf 32cm HAC ... yum yum yum.

    And my own Rouge Garance JPG Shoulder Birkin
  3. Sounds truly yummy mrssparkles! I love Gigi's choco box calf as well!!!
  4. After seeing Gina_b's glorious raisin box calf kelly, the urge for a 30 raisin box birkin just gets stronger and stronger. I better find one SOON otherwise I wouldnt be able to handle the urge no longer.
  5. I'm really liking Graphite in Swift with palladium hardware.
  6. i want a raisin kelly/birkin too NOW!
  7. contrast stitching on togo/epsom in a birkin w/ PH. Oooh. My fantasy for this week. :P :P
  8. My potiron GPT is supposed to arrive today - so I'm loving everything potiron!!
  9. HAC 32cm Togo or VL with PH--undecided as to color--perhaps Potiron, Rouge Garance, or Gold. Gigi's bi-color HAC has upped the want-factor for the HAC.
  10. Just longing for my raisin birkin in chevre!!! I'm so impatient!!! Although I'm thinking about an orange (not sure which it is) agenda in chevre.....missing my potiron a bit!
  11. :P I love this thread because that's definitely how I am...every week a different bag I'm in love with!

    This week it is the HAC I saw in SF. :love: (If it had gold hw it would be :love: :love: :love: !) And the Rouge H Trim they had as well. I think I definitely need a Trim at some point!!! :sweatdrop:
  12. haha..I like this!

    I am hm..loving Gigi's HAC, too!
    Gigi...you are driving a lot of us crazy....!!:drool: :drool: :drool:
    come share the chocolate HAC w/ your hellokitty twin. you are using the new HAC anyways! :devil:
  13. I'm still craving for a red Birkin; I saw a JPG Birkin in Rouge Garance Clemence on Saturday at my store, and I have to say that the color is definately growing on me.... :yes:
  14. While I was in Las Vegas last week I had an opportunity to look through the leather books. I have to tell you I never realized how different the colors look in different leathers. I came away with absolutely loving rouge vif in chevre de coromandel. I think this may have to be my first Birkin .... with palladium hardware. I also never really paid too much attention to the color potiron (splg) until I saw it in person on a Bolide in Togo leather. That baby came home with me. It really does help to see the leathers/colors in person.
  15. Kat, have you posted pics? I can't recall!