What are you looking forward to this year?

  1. Aside from the bags, clothes, and accessories, that is.

    Typically, there isn't anything else that I look forward to (I'm quite easily pleased and amused most of the time), but for some ironic reasons, I found myself addicted to new things this year. Here are what I am waiting for this year:

    Within Temptation's New Album - The Heart of Everything (already out)
    Nine Inch Nail's New Album - The Year Zero
    Linkin Park's New Album - Minutes to Midnight (or something like that)
    Concerts (The Police, Muse, etc etc)
    Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollow (or not, depending on how it ends ... I guess)
    Spider-Man 3
    A bunch of other cool movies that are coming out

    Here's the problem ... The items I listed above were NEW stuff that I got addicted to this year ... Oh why oh why do I have to get into new stuff when I'm broke? The irony.

    Anyways, what are you guys looking forward to?
  2. oooh this is a good thread!
    im looking forward to all the nights out im going to be having!
    leaving school and going to university
    moving out of my parents house
    my prom
    my girly holiday to zante
    my best mate having her second baby
    and what i hope will be the most fun amazing summer ever!

    :biggrin: ooooh am all excited now lol!

    atm im just excited for saturday night LOL! take things one at a time!
  3. ahh, I am looking forward to seeing my daughters face tomorrow morning. Its her 8th birthday, and she was so excited tonight that it was hard to put her to bed.

    Next Weekend, we are getting a new Chihuahua puppy and im really looking forward to that

    short term, a lovely easter egg hunt in the holidays with my hubby and 2 girls,

    July, we have booked a fab spa break and then its -

    Summer, just chilling out in the garden and enjoying some sun, and hopefully fit in a holiday too.

    Thanks for the thread, I love to look ahead and appreciate whats coming up :biggrin:
  4. I'll finally get to do some international traveling this year. :yahoo::yahoo:

    Amsterdam & Paris in May
    Istanbul in August
    Thailand sometimes this fall/winter.
  5. I am looking forward to something really simple: warm weather and sunshine!
  6. Awesome thread!

    I am looking foward to:
    July 27- My dog's 3rd b-day
    July 28- My sis' due date!
    October 6- My 21st b-day!!! :party: :tispy:
  7. 1. June 17- My 24th Birthday!
    2. last week of August- Family vacation in Hawaii!
    3. Overall, saving money!!
  8. -skiing in a little over a week :yahoo:
    -extended family holiday in provence in june (it sounds weird, but we have so much fun!)
    -possible weekend trip to paris soonish

    and a lot of other trips i'm thinking of taking :lol:

    umm i like to travel :shame:
  9. * my niece's first birthday (May 22)
    * college graduation (December)
  10. Brussels/Amsterdam/Cologne/Paris.....

    ..and maybe Luxembourg...
  11. - Going to Europe in the summer! To Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Monaco...:yahoo:
    - Just for summer to come, because I am hating school alot right now & am currently really stressed about it.
  12. 5-year anniversary with BF February 19 (already passed :nuts: )
    My 25th birthday May 3
    Mom's wedding June 9
    One-year anniversary at my job July 3 (hopefully I make it :p )
    Annual Florida Keys fishing, lobstering and drinking trip August 3-10
  13. Gah! I can't believe I forgot this one! My BF and I will celebrate our five-year in November. Congrats to you. :heart:
  14. Our 16th wedding anniversary in May! Our oldest starting high school (WOW!) in the fall. Our youngest starting Kindergarten (WOW). Yes, there is a huge gap....lol.

    My husband and I going to Las Vegas this summer!

    On the Political Front:
    The Primaries...of course!!!
  15. Woot (you ladies are reminding me of stuff.. which may be kinda sad.. lol..)

    Okay - should get engaged this year

    Got a gymoungous raise yesterday ( + bonus!!)

    Will fly first class to Europe (found a killer fare)

    And all this sounds great but..

    I need to find a new job for new opportunities..

    My dog is going blind..

    and I have to sell my house and hopefully everything goes well there.. but who knows in this market?

    Ladies.. the grass is always greener on YOUR side of the fence. Live it up!!!