What are you looking forward to buying this spring?


Mitzi ♥ Indigo
Feb 18, 2006
Since elux and Neimans and others have debuted their Spring options this year I'm curious what you guys are thinking about them, and what do you plan to get?

I am loving the reappearance of wedges, skinny jeans, and the new citrus colors showing up.

I adore this new Jean Paul Gaultier dress, sadly it's out of my price range :Push:


Jean Paul Gaultier -  Ruched Silk Dress -  Neiman Marcus

What do you love that's showing up?
What do you love that's still around?
Any planned buys?
lots of cute babydoll tops!

i just bought this one from anthropologie:

i LOVE it, so i'm wearing it with a light grey-blue long-sleeve tee under it until it warms up. i love shirts like this!