What are you looking forward and waiting for something exciting to come in the mail?

  1. shoes, sweaters, and a scarf
  2. waiting for some furniture to arrive, ordered some new chairs
  3. proactive :biggrin:
  4. englishlabrocky............ Thank you darling.........I appreciate that! :hugs:
  5. a mini USB for my BlackBerry - nothing super exciting :biggrin:
  6. a new case for my blackberry
  7. an H shawl that I ordered.... supposed to be here tomorrow and I can't wait
  8. Some wool shorts to wear with tights! :smile:
  9. Some books I ordered from Amazon.
  10. A bunch of stuff from JCrew
  11. I'm waiting for a pair of Miss Sixty flats that I ordered online, they should be arriving between tmr and the following Tuesday. I just hope I get them tmr, if not Friday.
  12. A pencil skirt from Express
  13. And they just came in the mail =)
  14. my daughter's Juicy "princess" watch that I ordered for her birthday in May. I cannot wait to see it... ohhh and my SUKEY GUCCISSIMA in Chocolate but wont see it till April.
  15. 2 gold Pandora charms! Been waiting for 2 weeks!