What are you looking forward and waiting for something exciting to come in the mail?

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  1. I got this idea from the thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/whos-waiting-for-a-new-bag-to-delivered-124574.html

    Tried searching and see no thread of this being made so decided to make it.

    What are you looking forward to be delivered in the mail to you? I can't wait for my Bloomies Visa credit card so I can get rewards ($25 coupons and to save up) when I use the card. It would come in handy because I have bills and utilities to pay/buy. I can substitute my debit card and there is no harm.
  2. I am waiting for a dress I ordered!! I have been checking every hour.
  3. I'm waiting for some books I ordered from Amazon. I've already read them, but it would be nice to have them around.
  4. Nothing exciting. Just a power cord for my computer
  5. I'm waiting on a tube of Ojon restorative hair treatment and a bright fuschia trench coat!

    I have to be good because my darling DH put down the layaway payment for a Roberto Coin Fleur de Lis for me on Valentine's Day!
  6. A CD/DVD and a couple of bluray's I've won
  7. Nothing in the mail, but I will be getting a new LV in the boutique by FRI. Waiting for my tax refund.
  8. I'm waiting for some Burberry shoes I ordered from NM. Don't know how long it will takes to reach Norway.... Waiting...:pout:
  9. a million dollar check :P
  10. Some tops and sandals I ordered 2 wks ago but delivery has been delayed due to the snow
  11. Im still waiting on the Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga and Lauper lipsticks. Should be arriving within the week!
  12. My check from Bill Gates from all the e-mails I forwarded... :lol:

    Seriously, a bag, a pair of shoes and 2 pairs of sunglasses!
  13. I WAS waiting for my new Louis Vuitton key chain to come and it did just now!!! I ordered the Bolt one for mens only they said it is considered Unisex. I got the last one in Gold brass color and it is stunning!!! Its one of my Valentines gifts from hubby. Also I just now received my new 500 thread count duvet in the mail today...YAY...And I have matching silk dark brown pillows (4) coming this week. And a new bottle of Eternity by Calvin Klein perfume...My husband has some major magic supplies coming this week also as he is a MAGICIAN!!!
  14. Does waiting for my Social Security check count? :lolots::lolots::lolots:
  15. Umm I thought you were only 42?!?!?!? :nuts::biggrin: