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  1. A Box or Twiggy style in either of the following colors; blueberry, antique rose, navy (cornflower), indigo or emerald
  2. definitely a dolma day.
    i saw one on ebay a while back and was so ready for it to be mine...but the seller ended the auction early! arg!
  3. In order of highest desire and importance, my hunts for the year 2007:
    1) Anis Purse
    2) Eggplant Work/Purse/Twiggy
    3) Calcaire Twiggy/City
    4) Red First
  4. Now that I've found my 04 Rose Twiggy, I want:

    A khaki bag
    A yellow or marigold bag
    An eggplant bag

    I prefer the box, twiggy and city styles, so I'd take any of the above colors in any of those styles
  5. there's a khaki twiggy on ebay, didn't look closely but i think it's ok
  6. Yep, I'm eyeing it. Thank for the heads up.
  7. looking for an original black PH city.... anyone seen one?
  8. Plomb Day and Work with GSH...with really chewy leather

  9. This thread has more than 3 years :rolleyes:
  10. work in outremer with regular hardware
  11. This thread is from 2006. Closing.

    Please start separate threads if you're looking for a particular style/color/etc unless it's one from older seasons, as per the shopping rules: Any threads seeking out coveted older season bags that can only be found via resellers will be deleted. Thanks! :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.