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  1. rouge vif box...... whoopeee!!!!!!
  2. A first in calcaire or yellow or marigold. I know a marigold came up recently, but I missed out on it. Wah!! Regret is now a colour. It is marigold.
  3. i just saw a rouge vif whistle bag, which reminded me a lot of the box in shape. but if it's the box you need then hold out you will find it!
  4. BalNewbie. Saks Fifth Ave in Boca Raton had a Greige Twiggy as of yesterday! My fab SA is Al Reemer at 561 620 1321. Good luck!

    I wish you well,

  5. I'm waiting for a Marine or Blue India Day with *super thick* non veiny/non marbley, non crackly leather.
  6. Thanks Bridget, you're a doll! I will call tomorrow, do you remember the leather at all? smooth and pretty or thin and crackly?
  7. need it: a courier, period

    want it: a courier in one of these reds: rouille, rogue vif, or vermillion

    there was rouille courier on ebay about week ago that went for $599, so sad i missed it :crybaby:

    i refuse to pay retail for a courier when they usually sell for half the price on ebay... not that i buy b bags for resale value, but why buy full price when you can get a big discount :yes:

    dream of it: a dolma messenger :girlsigh:

    or any other messengers that may come in 05 leather
  8. For my next bag I'd like to try a Twiggy in Grenat, Bordeaux, Oxblood or Marron.
  9. My wish list is
    turquoise 05 city or twiggy
    naturel 07 city or twiggy
    or calcaire city or twiggy
  10. An Apple green, Eggplant or Marigold first in brand new/mint condition. =)
  11. flat brass hobo.
  12. The list is far too long! ;)
  13. FB hobo-black, caramel, choco
    02 FBF First - pebbled , any color
    03 Weekender - any color but preferably caramel or red or olive or lilac - in that order
    03 Black City

    'dunno what's wrong with me...it would be a lot easier to just get any of the 07 colors but...
  14. i am LO-o-Oking for :nuts:
    05 chocolate weekender!! :love: :shame:
  15. I hope to get a rouge vif first or twiggy. I wouldn't mind a grenat either :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.