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  1. Should I mention I am always looking for Boobies? You guys didnt know that did you?:nuts:

    My wishlist consists of:

    *Magenta Shrug (cause I love my new Ink one)
    *Ink City
    *Magenta wallet (any style)
    *A shoe bag (any color)
    *Makeups in any color

    I am trying really hard to NOT buy anything until January since I am moving on the 30th to Arizona and I become jobless on the 29th (havent given my notice yet, waiting until after the Xmas party). But there will always be some extra spending money for my Bbag habit somewhere!
  2. Ink city.
  3. 05 Turquoise Day :heart: is sooooo high on my list...:drool:
    where are you my sweet little darling?:love:
  4. I probably can't resist if I would find :s :

    a Purse 'good condition' in ...
    - '04 Rose or Yellow
    - '05 Magenta or Caramel

    and a Day in ...
    - '06 Truffe

    ;) :drool: :P
  5. I would loooove an '05 indigo first!!! That would make me very happy:biggrin:
  6. Really?! How much is the courier anyway? And, do you happen to have the phone number?

    Also, I think I need to add that I want an origan day.
  7. You, too! Did any of them strike you as having particularly nice leather?

    I wish they were on sale (like the shrugs were)
  8. Looking for the Damask Striped Courier! Has anyone seen it?
  9. i'm looking for a 2004 lilac in city, work or weekender. hopefully balenciaga comes out with a similar colour in spring 2007.

    i would also like a black or white bag with pewter hardware.
  10. ink city for my mom!
  11. ^^ so, whatcha gonna do with all those boobies, huh?!?! :shrugs::graucho::choochoo:
  12. I broke my ban for one of my wants: an Anis Twiggy. Next ban-breaker: 04 Rose in anything but a first (because the first is too small for me).
  13. I want a clutch.:nuts: Notice I didn't say need :sweatdrop: . I'm content w/ my Blueberry City. A matching clutch would be nice or a neutral color.
  14. Wallet (07 RED)
    Makeup bag(07 Red and others)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.