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  1. You're right the price is high but I didn't know how much you really wanted the eggplant so I wanted to let you know anyways.
  2. hmmm, these are in no particular order although some I can live without and would get if I got a good deal, some are on my really really really want list. :graucho:
    Really want:
    Lilac '03 City
    Black '03 City
    Bubblegum City or Twiggy
    Olive Brown '03 City
    camel, olive and any color pebbled '02 flat brass
    Marigold '04 City
    Khaki '04 City
    Natural '07 City

    Want but can live without:
    Yellow '04 City
    Mustard '03 anything
    Lilac '04 City
    Red '04 City

    Magenta City if I snag one at a really good price

    Maybe '07 Anthracite and Sandstone
  3. and 05 fall grey city...shouldnt be too hard to find tho...i see them on ebay every once in a while....it will be hard tho lining up being able to buy it and seeing it...lol.
  4. I'd love an 05 Dark Olive First or Box (and some others, but that's the most important one). And I'm getting an Anthracite City.
  5. I want 03 or 04 white/grey city with PEWTER HARDWARE (I MUST HAVE!)

    ALSO, THE PURSE STYLE, 03-04 magenta, eggplant, grey, anything with pewter preferred.
  6. black work
    black day
    eggplant work/day/purse
    04 lilac work
    ...hehe more & more bbags~~~~ :tender:
  7. I'd love an ink courier
  8. I would like a coin purse in lilac, and I'm anxiously waiting for the blue glacier 07.......and maybe if something in 05 apple green popped up, I'd be very tempted.
  9. lenabean there are tons of colors (inc. lilac as of a month ago) of coin purses at BalParis, not sure if you want to do overseas though, could be too costly for just a coin purse.
  10. A Black First
    A Grenat First
  11. really want:drool: :

    dolma city or day
    black city with pewter hardware
    naturel city


    french blue day
    café day


    anthracite city or day
    perwinkle city
  12. I would really like a:

    Bubblegum City
    Magenta City (I missed another on ebay again today sigh....)
  13. Barneys stores in both Boston and Chestnut Hill had ink couriers last week.
  14. My top three are:

    1. 03/04 City with Silver hardware

    2. Mint condition Bubblegum City/Twiggy/or Box

    3. Mint Bordeaux Twiggy
  15. there were a bunch of ink couriers @ "barney's" in nyc a couple weeks ago ;)...you should call up for my sweet SA named martin...hope they've got one waiting for you :tender:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.