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  1. I thought it would be nice to start a thread of what we are currently looking for (new SS07 bags or older bags). I know there's eBay, but if you have a request put it here and if someone has seen it IRL somewhere (Barney's, NM, BalNY, etc) tell us. Let's help each other with our searches!!:yahoo:

    I am looking for a rouge vif or greige twiggy. What are YOU looking for?
  2. ^^ caramel flat brass hobo :love::search::cutesy:
  3. I'm looking for a pink coin purse to use in my black city, I love pink and black together:smile:
  4. I'm looking for the 04 or any year large clutches. I'm not picky on the color
  5. I am really interested in a clutch, shoulder or coin purses right now. Also I'd like to get something in Ink.
  6. Day in Grenat or Bordeaux :search:
  7. ^^ The NM in San Diego, Fashion Valley Mall had some clutches, not sure of the year or the colour.
  8. Will someone please let me know when you see a Cafe Twiggy at either
    NM, Nordstroms or Barneys ?
  9. 03 red first for me :heart:
  10. I am waiting for the 07 Spring Anthracite, Periwrinke, limestone and the darn EGGPLant from past season:drool: .
  11. Great thread!

    I've been looking for a long time for an '04 seafoam work! I don't think I have ever even seen one before... I'm not even sure it exists? :confused1:

    I'd also like a work with really nice thick, smooshy leather in a dark color, but not black or brown. Maybe ink or marine.

    I also need a weekender - with super nice leather, in any pretty color. No black, white, grey, browns or natural colors. Something like blue india or '04 lilac, or blue glacier, or cobalt.

    And I'd love to find an '03 red first or work, and an '03 lilac anything! :love:
  12. There is an eggplant Purse up on ebay right now.
  13. There's so many things I'm looking for. I would love to find a black '03/'04 Voyage w/ silver hardware for sure but chances are slim to none~ I know. Also would love a flat hobo which is really unlikely. I would love a caramel '05 work and a magenta work. I'll shut up now.:girlsigh:
  14. 06 back city
    06 grey city

    i want these two!! o7 colors will come in next month, so i'll check it out, i might change my mind again haha :smile:
  15. I am looking for a "Real Sugar" instead of "Sugar Free" daddy..:nuts: :yahoo: :roflmfao:

    my husband is going to ban me from this computer :roflmfao:

    MGR, the Eggplant up on Ebay price is high!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.