What are you "little treats"?

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  1. Spa day
  2. Relaxing in a bath is my escape. I just bought some new Lush products, some are favorites and others I never tried. I also have my heated foot spa and 6 step pedicure packages and the what I call quick sand pedicure package which makes the water thick like sand. I bought the same packages the spas use but online they cost under $4.00 each and I can sit and pamper myself as long as I want. My one pedicure lasted three hours. Usually watch Netflix when I am doing it. Don’t feel rushed and can leave the products onas long as I want.
    In the summer gardening is a new hobby. I am really enjoying watching things grow. Plan on making some fairy gardens this spring and have been looking on Pinterest at some beautiful wind chimes,
  3. I keep trail mix from costco on hand. It has little chips of yogurt that taste like chocolate. I have a few bites after dinner most nights.