What are you "little treats"?

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  1. Hej,

    I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but I am looking for inspirations.

    What are your little treats you buy, when you want to celebrate a small occasion (nothing spectacular)? For me, it's most certainly something sweet but I want to get rid of that bad habit, so I am looking for alternatives... Any ideas?
    Unfortunately I am not so into tea or fruits, so these options aren't suitable for me.

  2. Since you seem to fall into undesired habits, how about not buying anything to celebrate the small occasions? Try to find other ways to find contentment without purchasing!
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  3. I go to the bookstore. In Canada it's Indigo or Chapters. Books, notebooks, cozy socks, blankets, nice mugs, shawls, scarves, pens :smile:
  4. Or nail polish :smile:
  5. Notebooks, that's a great idea! Thank you BonVoyaheBaby!
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  6. ha I wish I could, my nails are so weak, you need to kepp them so short that any nailpolish looks like crap:sad:
  7. mhmm... seems that my question was pretty unclear. It was " what do you buy" not " help me I have a spending habit I need to get rid of". Deutscher, richtig?
  8. Gotcha! In this case, I'd say book store, like @BonVoyageBaby said.

    I'm Czech, having grown up in Deutschland. :tup:
  9. Because I live in a small apartment, I like to buy consumable items that get used up. Otherwise, after a while, won't I just have stacks and stacks of small knick knacks lying around becoming clutter?
    Do you like scents? What about small candles to light in your home? Every time you smell the fragrance, you get reminded of the celebration?
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  10. how fun:smile: The Czech border ist 150 km away from where I live. I'll send greetings from you next time I'll see it;)
  11. that is a good idea! I don't liket clutter as well, perhaps because of that I always bought something sweet- I eat it and don't have the worry to place it anywhere. A candle is a really lovely idea :heart:
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  12. Flowers.
  13. I treat myself with a tv show or a music video. But these are not purchases, more of a control on media consumption. For purchases, skin care items like face masks and lip balms - recently got Laneige Lip Sleeping mask and love it .
  14. Fresh flowers = always a pick me up or nice little treat :flowers: And no calories involved!
  15. Flowers. Chocolate. Massages.