What are you listening to?

  1. Music, traffic, tv show...

    I'll go first:

    Alanis Morissette---Crazy
  2. Duck vs Penguins hockey, pregame show on TV. OMG hockey plus tPF is nirvana for me.
  3. Seahawks game and about ready to switch on the Canucks/Stars game...GO CANUCKS!!
  4. Family Guy - Mind Over Murder (Confined to house arrest, Peter opens a bar in the basement. Lois becomes a lounge singer, Peter's friends love it and he's jealous. The wives are jealous, too, because Lois's act keeps their husbands at Peter's bar and away from home.)

    Man: Wow, Lois Griffin, Hey, I love your act! Nice mellons.
    Peter: Now listen pal!
    Lois: Peter, I'm holding mellons.
    Peter: Oh
    Man: And her hooters aint bad either.
    Peter: Now hold on a second.
    Lois: Peter! I'm holding hooters!
    Peter: Oh, sorry.
    Man: No problem .
    Man: Your wife's hot.
    Peter: Alright that's it!
  5. Faith Hill -
  6. Sex and the City
  7. collide by howie day...
  8. david bowie "changes"
  9. my boyfriend snoring...
  10. My tabby cat, curled up by my laptop, purring his little head off.:flowers:
  11. KTLA Morning news
  12. Diddy - Come to me.
  13. Nickleback - Far Away
  14. someone entering a number into the fax machine
  15. 91.5 the beat, radio station on the pc while i surf the forum.