What are you listening to?

  1. It's 7:57 p.m. and I'm listening to "Cut it Up" by The Lawrence Arms.

    What are you listening to? :jammin:
  2. 8:03p.m. Impossible - Kanye West
  3. SOS - rihanna

    oooh songs changed

    she moves in her own way - the kooks!

    lol its 1:22 in the morning here too :lol: im soooooo bored! might go to bed soon :yes:
  4. "Portrait of a Cigarette Smoker at 19" - Less Than Jake

    *dance* :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  5. lol pink - you and your hand

    hehe i love this song atm, reminds me of bon jovi in a way lol
  6. The Radio. :wlae:
  7. Sprung - B2k

    Please don't think I'm a teeny bopper lover by that song. It's a good song!
  8. 8:54pm Currently "Gimmie That" by Chris Brown is on
  9. Still Open - Syleena Johnson
  10. [​IMG] 9:06PM "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter
  11. "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"- Panic! At The Disco. :jammin: I just bought their CD, and usually I like only one or two songs on a CD, but I :heart: all their songs...that is so unusual for me! Their whole album has been on repeat for the past 2 days.
  12. I'm listening to the washing machine spinning and my 9-year-old asking for ziti.
  13. ^ Hehe :P

    Faster Kill Pussycat by Oakenfold... I just love that song :heart: It's sexy :P
  14. The Gris Gris "For the Season"
  15. No more music - watching King Kong (so far it's good!) :wlae:
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