What Are You In The Mood For? Food Cravings!

  1. Bagel w/cream cheese.
  2. coconut macaroons
  3. Brownie ala mode. I've been wanting this for days now.
  4. strawberrys
  5. Cheesecake..
  6. glazed donuts

    and curry.

    not at the same time!
  7. prime rib
  8. green tea ice cream
  9. vanilla pudding
  10. pizza!
  11. christmas dinner ... only 6-7 hours to go :biggrin:
  12. ^Hehe, I'm counting down the hours..at my mom's right now..smells soooo good...craving turkey w/gravy!!
  13. ugh....at this moment, nothing....
    I feel like I've had all there is to have in these last few days.....
  14. red lobster steak and shrimp
  15. grandma's cheese grits