what are you hoping will go on sale??!!

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  1. perhaps this is a bit premature but what are you girls hoping will go on sale in may? i'd love to hear what others have to sayyyyyyyy~~~~~~~

    for me...
    1. medium chocolate guccissima indy (yea right, not in our lifetime but hey a girl can dream)
    2. large abbey tote (i should have grabbed the white trimmed one when it went on sale in the winter. boo on me)
    3. hoping either:
    http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/spring-summer-08/hats/#0-162224-191355FE81G9162 <---trendy or classy?? not sure.

    we'll see. :shrugs:
    what do you guys think? c'mon c'mon c'mon!!!! :shame:
  2. Ooooo i love hat #2!!! I wish the joy boston in white would go on sale [my SA said it probably won't :cry:] I'm hoping the canvas messenger bags, wristlets, key holders, cosmetic cases... all those little accessories that we all hate to pay full price for :P Well after seeing GGLOVER33's large signoria hobo in black, i would def get that bag if it went on sale w/40% off!!! [wishful thinking lolz, that's considered classic]
  3. daydreaming is fun... sometimes.. hahha
  4. Well, since we are dreaming.......
    how about the wave large boston bag or the abbey shoulder bag with white leather trim.....these are huge dreams because I won't be able to go to gucci and neither of these bags are online anymore!!!:girlsigh:
  5. The Queen platinum Guccissima leather hobo... :love:

    It would be nice if the joy boston goes on sale. Gucci lover, I will keep dreaming with you :girlsigh:
  6. I'm hoping the queen medium hobo or any of the D gold hobos!
  7. :heart:the monogram tote with the gold rosewood straps and anything britt
  8. The cruise collection shoes! :drool: The shoes this year are so hot...

    I would love it if any of the D-gold styles, the bamboo handle bags and the queen hobo went on sale. Yes, it would be nice if the Joy Boston goes on sale, but since it's relatively inexpensive for a Gucci and it's selling so well, I don't think it's likely. Oh, and I definitely hope the clothes will be going on sale, Gucci's RTW is TDF!
  9. Huh? I thought I replied to this last night.. Anyway, I love the first hat! And here is my wishlist for the sale.. I really like the shoes.. They are so hot!

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  10. oh those shoes are amazing!!! i think the first hat is cute too!! but i'm wondering how often i will wear it. super cute though... :heart:
    mssmelanie, i think you got confused. you told me what you hoped would go on sale heheee... :P
  11. I'm hoping for some sandals or a nice belt.
  12. When will the sale me in May?

    *edit* sorry saw the dates in another post!
  13. I really need, ok want one of the little Guccissima leather make up bags. The rectangle shape one. I think there is one on Gucci.com right now, but it's white or a really light color. I saw someone with a red one and I've been on the hunt for one ever since. I'd like to get one on sale.
  14. ok can i just say that even if the second hat does NOT go on sale, every single one of you NEEDS to go out and buy the hat!!!! it is sooooo freakin cute!!! BY FAR the single item that gets the MOST complements when i wear it!!!

    btw i think u should splurge for these two to wear with it:




    then all you will need is a white tank and jeans...screw the little black dress, that is MY go to outfit :smile:
  15. oh and the horsebit nail NEEDS to go on sale... :smile: