What are you having for dinner?

  1. I'm thinking of grilling salmon, but could be swayed in a different direction. Any of you guys and gals have somehting more appetizing on the menu for this evening?
  2. I'm having black pepper steak!!!
  3. I had smoked salmon!
  4. chicken salad.
  5. Sounds yummy-what else is in it?
  6. I eat out everyday for dinner because my schedule is so inconsistent, so it's shabu shabu for dinner tonight.
  7. i was just thinking what to make as i just walked in the doodr from an exciting afternoon.
    i guess i will make white rice with chicken and gravy along with side of veggies.
  8. ooooo... dinner I hadnte thought of that one ......oops
  9. Yum, I love grilled salmon! I wish I was having that instead of what I'm having. Here's what I'm fixing tonight (very easy!):

    Beef stew meat
    Can of cream of mushroom soup
    Can of water
    2 beef bouillion cubes
    Sliced mushrooms
    Packet of Lipton onion soup mix

    Combine all in a crockpot and cook on high for about eight hours. This feeds three fairly hungry people, so double for more than that.
  10. I'm having leftover salmon from yesterday. I purposely bought and cooked extra for just that reason. Yum!
  11. My mommy is bringing in my favorite food from our restaurant which is Lobster Salad!:shame:
  12. just made a yummy crustless quiche (with spinach, mushrooms, onion, cheese, and a little sausage) and a garden salad. Will eat it with a nice cold glass of iced tea with lemon. yum!
  13. Probably a grilled chicken sandwich on a baguette. Maybe I'll turn the chicken into a chicken salad...
  14. take out pasta..i hate cooking when i get home from work
  15. so hungry right now.
    i'm going to be having korean bbq tonight. yum!!
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