What are you going to use your PCE card on?!

  1. I just got mine in the mail last night!!!!! :yahoo:

    and I'm thinking of getting this..
    (i'm not sure which color yet... i want to use it with my black sig carly :love:)

  2. oops sorry.. i realized that i posted this in the wrong section!!! :shame:
  3. I want this!


    And this!


    And because I'm on a roll...


    But I'm not sure if I'm going to get it since the hubby got me the two Fendi's I wanted. :sad: I can dream though. I might be able to score them if I am really good, and the PCE card comes in. If I don't get a PCE card I'll have to wait till Valentine's day or something.
  4. well i was going to get something for myself, but my husband just saw my new bleecker and said i have to use this pce card for my mil and sil christmas presents!
    i'll probably sneak in a little something for me....;)
  5. I'm planning on getting a couple of small things for gifts (keyfobs, charms) and if I can manage it the only bag I've been lusting after for months.....a large black signature Carly.
  6. Boots!

    (I think I'm doing a phone order so maybe I'll get to share my PCE...)
  7. I really had my heart set on the Peony tote, but since its SOLDOUT! I won't be getting it. I really want the Azur speedy so I think I will wait to see what is out for spring bags. I might just get the snowman keyfob and some scarves. And some shoes.
  8. I'm getting...




    No bags. I'm waiting for Spring!
  9. I am so in love with the Legacy Thompson bag I think I'm getting that during PCE. I'm debating on the color though...Ink or Wine, I can't decide they're both so gorgeous!!
  10. Ugh, what DON'T I want? Haha! I think now is the time to get that Leigh I've had my eyes on :graucho: I love that raisin color.
  11. Argh! I have NO idea what I want! I am like a lost puppy in a sea of bags...
  12. Legacy Signature Frame Wallet in Chocolate...my mom is going to pay and then wrap it up for me for Christmas :wlae:


    Then I am purchasing Raspberry Lurex Wristlet for my cousin:


    Then I want something I can have immediately since the wallet is for christmas and i am kind of liking this:

    [​IMG] we'll seee if they have it.
  13. im using mine on:

    large beauty case in black i think

    gold woven flats

    joelle sunglasses in tortoise (if i cant find a stellar tortoise pair at SGH i have a 50% off there)

    legacy shoulder bag in white

    it took me about five tries to get the pics right. im still getting used to my mac :shame:
  14. going to get my niece her choice of gallery totes - she's going to give me her choice tonight. it will be her christmas gift from me.
  15. Ooooh I'm using it to get my mom this bag. I love the shape and the pink silk lining inside!!!