What are you going to get with your PCE?

  1. Hi everyone, I started a thread like this last PCE, and I loved hearing everyone's wish list so I thought I would get it going again. As for me I'm thinking about getting a gathered wallet, probably the champagne and maybe a Madison leather large wristlet. I also have my eye on the Archival Bucket in Black Cherry but I'm not sure as i have never actually seen it in person....hmmm decisions, decisions...lol.
  2. Cognac mini saddle bag! :biggrin:
  3. Please post a reveal!
  4. I most definitely will. Hopefully they have them in stock tomorrow when I go in! :p
  5. I have a lot of money to spend, the best part? Not even a penny came out of my pocket!

    DB is getting me the rory colorblock black as punishment for going on a weekend trip to ATL and not inviting me. If he wants to spend a whole weekend with "the guys" he gotta pay for it!

    I have a $350 gift card I got from work and I ordered an extra $100 one from my Amex rewards points, with that I'm getting the mini saddle bag in carnelian, mini duffle in cobalt and amanda flap in cognac. I also ordered the penny crossbody but I'm going to return it and get it from Macy's at the end of the month since I have a $100 gift card I got for my birthday in Feb that I never used, I just don't like Macy's clothing so I was waiting for a discount including Coach to get it, like the shop for a cause on Aug 25th.

    So in total i'm getting:

    - Rory Colorblock in black/multi
    - mini saddle bag in carnelian
    - mini duffle in cobalt
    - amanda flap in cognac
    - penny crossbody in sunflower
  6. Wow!! Please show the goods when you get them:smile: looking forward to seeing the mini duffle....haven't had a chance to see it in person yet.
  7. I'm really hoping I can get the duffle in colorblock or cobalt....still haven't made up my mind yet:sad:
  8. Navy colorblock Willis!
    And I'm exchanging my unopened Poppy Flower for the new Poppy Blossom because it smells sooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood. (and I have a 5ml sample of Poppy Flower that will last me long enough)
  9. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the Champagne gathered Lindsey ... I love the gathered leather! I want another duffle, but I was thinking this morning I'll wait 'til a bit later in the fall and get either the berry or fuchsia.

    I hope the email arrives in my inbox soon, though - I'm going shopping this morning! Have fun, everyone!
  10. I'm thinking im going to get the purple universal case for all my lipgloss and Chapstick so I don't have to search for them in the bottom of my Lindsey. I'm hoping my store has it. I'm tempted to go tonight after work but I think I'm going to wait till Friday.
  11. Wowsa! Fun times!!!! I love it!
  12. Black cherry duffle for me!!!
  13. Tanner Tote in cognac. Maybe a basket clutch if they can order one in cognac.
  14. Yesterday I was able to order (pre-sale) the regular duffle in violet! My birthday is in 3 weeks and I have a sneaky feeling DH will wrap it and make me wait. I am really excited, although it is a giant leap out of my comfort zone to actually get a Color! I am usually way too practical. My favorite Fall/Winter coat is a beautiful cranberry colored boucle' wool. I think the violet will be completely fabulous with it.
  15. This is all very exciting! I am so glad you are getting something in sunflower. I think you will get a LOT of use out of the penny. I am also anxious to see the mini saddle. ;)