What are you going to get with your 25% off coupon?

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  1. I don't know if I will get anything yet. I plan on looking at the book totes and some of the accessories to see if there is anything I like.
  2. I don't know if I will get anything either. I feel like I should use it though!
  3. ^^That's what I feel like. I figure I have this coupon so I should use it somehow
  4. I'm afraid I wont get another one so I'm debating over whether I should make it a big purchase or a small one.
  5. :confused1: I'm going tomorrow..Debating what to buy too..I didn't get a coupon but I called my SA and she told me to come in..She had two extra...I'm looking at the book totes too..Now I feel obligated to go and buy something..I called last week questioning why I didn't get a coupon...Now I have to go in or else I'll feel funny going in there again!! I'll let you ladies know if I buy anything! :heart: Emmy
  6. IF I had one I'd buy the HAMPTONS STRIPE LARGE HOBO in chestnut!!! I'd hate to see ya'lls go to waste..:rolleyes:
  7. Hi Everyone,
    I am thinking of getting some Coach pumps (the Natasha brown ones with the hardware on them). I have never bought their shoes before, has anyone else? Also, I am interested in trying on the new boots.
  8. LOVE coach shoes...i'm up to 6 pairs.
  9. I've already preordered the embossed leather pouch and flap wristlet, but will prob stop by the Tysons Galleria store to check out the shoes (and somehow not buy a book tote). Last time I had a coupon (June) the Tysons Galleria store had sale shoes -- nice ones -- and I was able to use the coupon on them. :smile:

    The Fair Oaks store said I should get an email confirmation for my order early this week, but I haven't heard a word. Gee, they better not mess up my order and have me end up without the actual stuff I really wanted to buy with or without a coupon, esp since the embossed stuff is so incredibly limited (according to the SAs).
  10. where did you get the coupon
    im so out of the loop
  11. There's a few other threads on this, but the coupon is sent to certain loyal customers who have frequently shopped in a Coach store in the past year and they are sent the invitation as a thank you for their frequent shopping. Only a certain number of people get them, so it's not that everyone gets one.

    If you didn't get one this time, keep shopping at Coach and continue giving your information to them and making sure it's in the computer.

  12. So can you only get the coupons through Coach stores? Or when I register my bags does that count?

    I have bought all of mine from Dillards- (My Gallery Tote was 55% off there!:yahoo: )
  13. Yep, I don't think registering bags is honestly that important anymore since when you shop at the Coach store they put all of your info in.

    But dang girl! Good deal!