What are you going to get w/the $50 coupon?

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  1. For the ladies that received their card already, what are you going to use it on?

    I'll start...
    Signature Stripe Wristlet in Pink
    Hamptons Leather Totes Capacity Wristlet in Pink
  2. I know I want to get the snail keyfob, tatersall mini skinny and ... I don't know what else! I don't need a new bag since I just got the tat. satchel. Hmmmm....
  3. I'm gonna get a swingpack and either a charm or scarf. It will be a nice little extra Mothers Day gift to me.
  4. I'm thinking of some wristlets and a fob
  5. I want a wristlet and I'll buy presents for my RAOK buddy too :biggrin:
  6. I want to get one of the new peony skinnies (I hope they let me order it b/c it probably won't be in the boutique yet!) and I don't know what else...maybe a small heritage cosmetic case.
  7. :sad: i want a $50 coupon!
  8. i posted this in the April thread, but anyway within an hour and a half of getting my coupon, i got the Earth charm, Hamptons patent capacity wristlet in chambray, and the scarfprint ponytail scarf. i love the wristlet!

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  9. Haha! You sure didn't waste any time!:smile: Great choices.:tup: Love the color of the wristlet.
  10. haha, i was so excited, i literally had butterflies in my stomach until we were out of the house, headed toward Coach. afterwards, DH asked me if the Coach bug was gone. it is....for now:graucho:
  11. ooh ooh I got a coupon in the mail today!!!! I am going to get something.. but I don't know what yet. I may just put it towards the pleated satchel.
  12. If I get one...returning the heritage stripe wallet I bought today. Rebuying it and then will still have some money on my credit...for a charm
  13. I'm stuck buying a coupon off of ebay, but once it arrives I plan on getting:

    SOHO SIGNATURE SMALL HOBO in khaki/berry

    and hopefully a cute scarf to match :smile:
  14. I think I might get the LE perfume and some scarves. Don't know yet.
  15. Here's what I got
    And I love it