What are you going to get from the Groom line?

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm going to ge the Cles, Pte. monnale rond and maybe a wallet (don't know which one yet). :smile:

    How about you?
  2. Blue Agenda :smile:
  3. How much are the prices? :P
  4. The Cles for sure, maybe the coin purse and I really adore the agenda but I just bought a Framboise Vernis one!!
  5. Agenda or the PT hopefully.
  6. Nothing. I don't care for the little guy that reminds me of "Monopoly." Baahaahaahaa.
  7. Just the cles.
  8. Rond :yes:
  9. I want the PT, but $675+ seems to be too much for it. I am still debating and will decide once I see it in person.

    I may just get the rond for fun.
  10. This line is not for me, can't wait to see pictures of everyones purchases though!
  11. The only thing that looks remotely cute is the round coin purse. Too much for it though, IMO
  12. Orange Rond, maybe ZC if the blue isn't too jarring, [I love my res & mandarins] A red agenda & hopefully a bandeau. I never put my name down for the bandeau..:sad:
    My store ony puts you on the list if you provinde a CC so they can charge the items to you & that way the people on the list are guaranteed the items they want. As soon as the items come in you are chareged & the SA calls to tell you your peces are in. If you decide you don't like them then you are given a credit & the items are placed back in stock. I am hoping someone declines a bandeau.
  13. In NYC the stores are selling the cles for 230 i think and the pte. monnale round is 190. Thats what it says in the booklet when i was in the store. I'm debating between both of them, they are so cutee :yahoo:
  14. Probably just a Cles.
  15. I would love to have a rond!