What are you going to do with your Neverfull??

  1. If you have the Neverfull, and have problems with the marks from rubbing or whatever...what will you do? One gal has already taken hers back and got a fab Speedy!
    Are you taking "her" back and getting something different? I am really upset, I just :heart: this bag so much! Really counting on it being a great every day/everywhere bag!
    I do hate to spend $ on something that is already defective in some way!
    What do you think??
  2. If you haven't bought it then wait. If you bought it recently, see if they will exchange for something else. I'll buy the Damier instead.
  3. Is the Neverfull coming out in Damier or Damier Azur?? or both?
  4. Both.
  5. I'll wait on the Azur Neverfull. The mono is too similar to my batignolles.
  6. I'm waiting for the Damier version :yes:
  7. Yeah, the monogram neverfull is gorgeous, but its a little boring for me.

    It would look so much more fabulous in the Damier Azur.
  8. I want the GM in damier as a big tote
    wait a bit so u have the option to choose betwen 3 different patterns
  9. I'm going for Damier...
  10. i think i will just keep it and live with it since the price is fairly cheap for an LV....u can get rid of the bleeding by using an eraser...
  11. i have the bag..............what bleeding do you mean??? :tdown:
  12. Since it appears to be the leather of the vachetta on the monogram rubbing together won't it be similar on the vachetta of the damier azur, if this really is the problem? I think I'm just going to stick with the Damier. I think it's going to look so great!!
  13. I hope they fix this problem by the time they release it in Azur.
  14. ^ditto.... I was so looking forward to Azur.
  15. I am waiting for the Neverfull in Damier GM. I can't wait!!!