What are you going to choose??


What are you going to choose??

  1. Vernis heart coin purse - Pomme D'amore

  2. Vernis heart coin purse - Framboise

  3. Vernis heart coin purse - Perle

  4. MC heart coin purse

  5. Vernis Flat Pouch - Pomme D'amore

  6. Vernis Flat Pouch - Framboise

  7. Vernis Flat Pouch - Perle

  8. Sophie

  9. None of the above, or something other than the above

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  1. okay, the wait for the pomme d'amore heart coin purse is like forever. and at the meantime, i also have my eyes on the sophie and also the vernis flat pouch. is it kinda too much to get all three? I know a lot of PFers like these items, but what color will you choose? maybe a poll can help us to decide if you are so undecided like me right now :p .

    i think I will definitely get the pomme damore heart coin purse. I also want the flat pouch, but dont know whether I should get the framboise or pomme d'amore. I already have a framboise agenda. My aim is to get more variety in my collection. The perle will be good, but I hate it when it gets dirty, especially the white stitches I can imagine will get dark very soon.

    And if I am getting the flat pouch, is it too much to get also sophie? I already have a damier puchette accessories. looks like im getting too many clutch like items...:shrugs:

    I will post all item and color choices. see what our PFers will choose if you can choose only one, ok?
  2. I don't know if I am going to get any of them, but if i had to pick i would get the Vernis heart coin purse in Pomme D'amore. I just like it the best. I don't think its too much to get all 3. If you're gonna get use out of all 3 and have the money to get them all, then u should.
    P.s you can never have to many clutches.:yes:
  3. oh..hard to choose...i want the pouch and heart coin bag
  4. im not a girly girl so none of the above...
  5. I really want the heart in the mc (I don't have any mc yet) , pomme (but I already have a cles--but i love the pastilles), and framboise (I am a sucker for anything pink--but I am prob. getting a small agenda in the Framboise). However, I prob. won't get any of them since i can't justify the price for a coin purse...thanks goodness I already have the sophie!
  6. I want the coin purse in the pomme d'amour and the plate in the
    Doubtful I'll have the money to get both though so it will probably just be the coin purse.
  7. pomme d' amour flat pouch...:love:
    pinkiwhatever99 thinks I need it in framboise too, so we'll see...:graucho:
  8. I'd love a heart and pouch but for the price I don't think I would use them. I'd rather get a damier speedy.
  9. I'm counting down the days till I get my pomme heart coin purse :yes:
  10. If I were a girl, I'd get an MC Heart Coin Purse.
  11. I love the heart purse and the flat pouch but unforunately they are out of my price range if I'm going to buy the pap 26 and keep my wapity. Maybe if they fit credit cards it might be worth it to do the extra splurge but to pay $350 for the heart when all you can do is fit coins in it...........that's excessive for me!!
  12. I'm getting the Pomme d'Amour heart coin purse. I don't "need" anymore MC, I already have the Framboise Houston and I don't want anything in Perle, even though it's a pretty color.
    Other than that, I don't like the pouch so I'm not getting that either.
  13. I'd love the heart in MC because I don't have any MC yet and it's just so cute! :smile:
  14. ooohh.. i would get the pouch and the heart

    I have the sophie already and i love it
  15. Aaah....I can't decide. I am on the waitlist for both the pomme d' amour and MC heart coin purse because I couldn't decide. I don't have any vernis or MC pieces yet, although I am waiting for my Brentwood to come in. My SA suggested I ought to get the MC, but the Vernis is just sooo cute with the charms, too. But the prices for just "a coin purse" is a bit excessive, but I still want one......:shrugs: