What are you giving this Christmas?


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Feb 6, 2007
Hi everyone!! It's almost Christmas, according to the in-store decorations at least...;)

I thought it might be fun for us to have a thread with all the lovely gifts we're dishing out this Christmas and who we're giving to - I tend to always leave things too late, even if I have really good intentions, so this might actually get me moving earlier this year :yes:

Mum: Yellow gold bracelet from Tiffany & Co, and a hard-cover copy of The Wind in the Willows;

Sister: Money for whatever teenagers want to buy these days, as long as it's legal:lol:

Brother: Toss up between an Omega watch he wants, or a suit;

Grandfather: Portable DVD player and lots of his favourite TV shows on DVD because he's going to be spending more time in hospital :sad: and he says he's bored :hrmm:

Aunt: Lots of foodie things, like truffle oil and preserved lemons, in a gorgeous big basket;

Aunt's four-legged babies: 3 dogs and a horse will get their choices of bacon bone treats or bran mix - whichever they want:P

And for myself, of course...: tossing up between a fabulous cocktail ring:drool: or a pair of Canturi diamond studs:drool:


Sep 7, 2006
oh how fun!
i recently made a list and here it is :smile:
mom: louis vuitton manhattan pm
dad: wallet (not sure what kind yet...)
brother: playstation 3 and oakley sunglasses
sister: chanel mini flap in black caviar
my little puppy: doggy treats!!! and a toy hehe


Oct 8, 2007
I wish I have more budget anyway here's my tentative list

daddy: mp3 player or polo shirt
mommy: gift certificate to spa, or body shop beauty kit
brother: money to spend
sister: a new rubbeshoes

I have to think of nice gifts for my aunts, any gift idea?:shrugs:

And I'll just buy everything for myself after Christmas.


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Dec 6, 2006
DH is getting a nice watch and DD is getting a laptop...and then other little things for them. I haven't thought about everyone else I need to buy for.
Jan 20, 2006
I honestly haven't thought about X-mas shopping yet. It usually hits me right after Thanksgiving and then the panic sets in and I become a shopping Maniac:lol:


Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
I honestly haven't thought about X-mas shopping yet. It usually hits me right after Thanksgiving and then the panic sets in and I become a shopping Maniac:lol:
I know, that's usually me, leaving it to the last minute, but I was in the central city yesterday walking through the mall when I realised how crowded it was, trying to get to a meeting was almost impossible, there were so many people. So I figured, if it's that bad now....I'd better get out there asap!:P


Feb 6, 2006
Orange County
tentative list so far:
mom & dad: our new plush throws and throw pillows to warm up our ugly sofa. :P

sister: lv damier mini pochette (not the actual mini pochette, but the one that comes with the marais bucket.. you can buy it separately as a makeup bag, and she just got a damier speedy and it's only perfect!)

nieces: wii game.. dont know which yet. maybe a mario racing or something... i love playing with them, so something that's not just 1-2 players, but 1-4 instead. also, each of them are getting one of our lovely new plush teddy bears.

cousins: the rest of the family i try to get everything from my store (restoration hardware), so i save money.. and the cousin kids are getting toys that we have.. and the adults are getting some tools and magnifying glasses with lights and stuff - since they're all getting so old. lol.

all the kids will be getting a plush bear (it's a hot seller and oh so soft and cuddly!).
for myself i'm getting a wiimote and nunchuck so i can play with my nieces when i'm visiting or babysitting. :smile:

dusty paws

Sep 20, 2006
East Bay, CA
For mom - aiming for a jade bangle bracelet
dad - usually gets peets stuff - gift cards, other coffee stuff
sister - i have no idea yet
boyfriend - i want to get him these limited edition adidas shoes in warriors logo
sisters boyfriend - prolly games for his xbox 360

and myself... :graucho: paying off all my bills - almost there! and saving for a bbag


Mar 31, 2007
I haven't thought that far ahead yet. It's too early for me to concern myself with Christmas. Maybe in about five or six weeks I'll have some idea, but I'll probably end up just giving cash (to my dad and brother) and Amex gift cards (to my mom, my BF, and his son), just like I did last year. I refuse to make gift giving a job or chore, so I figure that if I can go to the customer service kiosk in the mall, wait in line ten minutes, then walk out with a bunch of gift cards, I've done a good job! Luckily I have no children to buy for (knock on wood) but I'll probably help my BF shop for his kid; I usually do. This will be our fourth Christmas together! Also, I'll pick up a few things for the dogs. I want to get them each a new pet bed, a new blankie, water dispensers, and probably a few squeak toys. Now, THEY are FUN to shop for! I'll start (and end) my shopping a few days before Christmas, probably, like I usually do...
Jun 18, 2007
Well, I am trying to rein in my budget this year... so my gifts look small compared to some of these lists!

I bought my little sisters each a rolling suitcase and a coach keychain- they both go away a lot (sports camps, trips with friends families) and they keep borrowing my luggage! haha

I bought a nice sherpa lined sweatshirt for my SO's sister... also getting her some organic baby things as her baby is due right around christmas. Savings bonds and books for her other kids- we'll be the boring aunt and uncle, but once I hit college I really appreciated the bonds I had! So thats what they're getting.

Getting my mom a plane ticket to florida to visit family in feb- its too cold here and she gets depressed.

Dad and brother- NO ideas :smile: They like useful things though.

SO- I'm waiting till right before christmas- he buys a lot of things for himself that if I buy early I end up returning over and over again. sigh.

The rest of my list is completely undetermined!


Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
^^^^ Budgeting well for gifts is essential sometimes! When I was a law student, I never had any money (sad, oh so sad). So I used to give gifts like, I would make a CD for each member of my family with their favourite songs on them.

One year, I made fantastic raspberry jam and gave that to people. Except now it comes back to bite me because everyone says "Oh, and could you please make me some more of that jam you make for Christmas" - I'm like It was a one off people, stop asking!:lol:

And the year I offered to give everyone horse-riding lessons - oy! Never again! I love my family, but they can't ride for crap!:nogood:


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
No clue. I never think about it until the last minute. And even then, no damn clue! I have a dad who gets uncomfortable with any kind of expensive gift. My mom would probably be happy with money, but then what if I give her money, then I'd feel bad not giving money to my dad. But then my dad would feel uncomfortable if I gave him anything halfway substantial. So yeah, no damn clue.

I do want to get my dog a new sweater and a doggie bed though since she has taken to sleeping on the floor lately.


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Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
Probably nothing!! I hate the sound of that. But I just signed for a new car (which I'm getting on Friday, yaaay!!), so the downpayment has left me completely broke plus my Christmas bonus will be put on the car as well to lower the monthly payments. I'm sure everyone will understand (or so I hope).


Jan 28, 2007
I purchased my parents a small painting a few months ago when a favorite artist of theirs had an opening. Aside from that, i have no idea. Every year christmas gets so out of hand with the gift giving... I'm going to try and keep it simple this year.

Here is my tenative list:

bf: camera equipment
sister: cooking classes
brother: ??
brother's wife: several yards of nice silk fabric for a gown (she is in fashion design school)
secretary: cashmere scarf and matching mittens


Sep 6, 2006
DH: So clueless about what to get so far it's not funny!

My oldest boy: An electric scooter, misc. toys

Youngest boy: ride-on cadillac escalade and misc. toys. Ahhh if only adults were so easy to shop for!!

MIL, FIL, SIL and BIL: giftcards

Dad: ???

Dad's GF: ???

Neighbors: personalized barware and for the kids personalized robes and towels

Nieces: money

I would LOVE some ideas! LOL