What are you getting your special someone for Valentines?

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  1. :love: I'm getting my bf this Hockey jersey that he's wanted forever, it was discontinued because the player retired, but I found a Canadian company who was willing to make it for me!! He's getting me the same, plus a reservation to our favorite spot, THE MELTING POT!! Have you guys ever tried that place? The one here is so romantic. The chairs are private with curtains and the fondue is great, but kinda pricey!
  2. we went to the Melting Pot on our 4 month anniversary and came out like $100 poorer! it was a blast though. the dessert is to die for.

    I'm up in the air about what to get my boyfriend. I'll have to think about it for awhile...
  3. My fiancé and I will be apart for Valentine's :sad: I'm in Sweden, he's in the US.. So I'm sending him a LV wallet :biggrin: He's really into LV now and want his briefcases and everything from there, it's so cute how he just wants to share my passions. So I'm getting him his first LV item :love:
  4. we always go for sushi at our fav sushi restaurant. we try not to go crazy with gifts b/c christmas usually gets out of hand and we're still paying for it. usually i make cute little valentine's candy/chocolate treat bags for him.
  5. I will give my hubby a new edt from Creed. He loves the fragrance silver mountain but this time I would like to give him Himalaya. I think he will take me out for dinner but I have no idea where.
  6. hopefully, my bf and i will go to the beach and have a picnic :biggrin: something simple! but it should be a nice time!
  7. I am not sure yet what to get him yet...he's pretty hard to shop for because he doesn't want anything!

    We are actually going to NYC for the weekend right after Valentine's Day. We will be seeing the revival of "Barefoot in the Park" and going out for a nice dinner (not sure where yet). Plus, bless his heart, he's agreed to let me go to Barney's and Bergdorf's (hehe), his two most hated places in New York since I spend hours in there. I can't wait, but definitely need to think of something really great for him for agreeing to go shopping with me.
  8. Hmmm..a Tuesday night - sounds like the hubby, our 2 dogs, 1 cat, and I will be watching Scrubs and then Law & Order, SVU.

    No, seriously though, we splurge on Christmas and then relax it on all other holidays; I will send him a link to some Cosabella sets on barenecessities.com and get him the shaving travel kit from Art of Shaving that he has been wanting (since during race season he is gone for at least 2 weeks out of each month).
  9. Lots of stuff from his Amazon wishlist and VS lovespell lotion. No, he doesn't use it but he likes the scent on me and goes ga-ga. It's like his catnip if he was a cat.
  10. If we get a chance to visit Christopher & Co. when we go on our ski trip, I may get him another vintage ski poster. http://www.christopherco.com/
  11. I don’t believe in Valentines Day. If you can’t be romantic all year around, then love is not worth much.
    I have never seen that day romantic. It’s just about cards and another way to spend money and stores to earn more on pink and red products.
    What can I say? I’m not a romantic person..Valentines just give me the creeps.

  12. LoL.. it's totally about spending money, but come on.. it's harsh but so is Christmas! Just another reason to buy a new bag!
  13. I'm kind of anti Valentine's Day too. last year me and my boyfriend (we weren't dating then) sat under a bridge and smoked cigars. it just seemed appropriate.

    hey...maybe we should do that again...
  14. Jep, I vote for that....
    Seems like a good plan to me.. ;)
  15. I got mine Nine Inch Nails concert tickets. He'll love them for sure.