What are you getting the 07 Marigold in? Fun poll!

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What will you get Marigold in?

  1. Makeup / traveller - something small

  2. Sphere

  3. First

  4. Day

  5. Twiggy

  6. Anything HUGE (yellow makes me happy)!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. After seeing the sample pics of the Marigold bags, what colour will you get it in?
  2. RH City and I can't wait!:yahoo:
  3. I'm on the list for the marigold giant city.
  4. RH day for sure!
  5. Make up and Pochette! I'm #1 on both! LOL! I jumped on that wait list like no other....although I might reconsider on the make up but definite Yes on the pochette.
  6. I want Day :yes:!
    But still cant quite decide which hardware I want the most :sweatdrop:

    Although, BalNY said that I may have waited too long to get my butt on the wait list. We will see.
  8. RH First or Make up clutch.:yahoo:
  9. Twiggy! Fun style in a fun color!
  10. twiggy!!! my only worry is that it might be too dark or warm..i want a bright yellow.. like the old marigold..
  11. Day in RH. Can't wait - I adore yellow.
  12. Still not 100% sure until I see the color but First for me! Oh, and for sure a coin purse! :yahoo:
  13. I'm getting a coin purse.
  14. I'm getting a Makeup!
  15. I totally agree! :heart: