What are you getting for Christmas?

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  1. Hey what are all you guys getting for Xmas from LV? I'm getting a cerises speedy!
  2. Nothing :smile:
  3. I already got it.. Damier Uzes:yes:
  4. Nothing, unfortunately. Not that I wouldn't want something. :graucho:
  5. A damier item. ;)
  6. The things I KNOW I'm getting:
    MC Pastilles extender
    Framboise Inclusion Speedy keyring
    Silver Miroir Speedy
    Icons book
    and not LV but one of those cashmere Hello Kitty sweaters

    Other than that..not sure :smile:
  7. Black suhali lock it mm....it's been in the gift closet for about 2 months....lol... I am getting excited to finally 'get' it!
  8. a damier speedy :smile:
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  9. So far I KNOW I will recieve from my parents:

    Miroir Papillion (Silver)
    Ouvea Keepall
    Damier Bastille
    Azur Cles
    Black MC phone strap
    Fullerton Sunglasses
    AND MAYBE a Wapity for my new digicam.
  10. Already got a gold mirior speedy from DH.:love: :love: :love:
  11. Mini lin speedy and that's a b.d.present and christmas present all in one.
  12. Well, I bought MYSELF some things :biggrin: but I don't think that counts since I would be getting them, holidays or not.
  13. I got it already! A SUPER early gift from myself is my azur speedy :heart:and maybe also a wapity? (If DH OKs it that is...)
    DH's gift isn't an LV but I love it too :yes:
  14. a batignolles vertical and a damier pochette melville

    and not an LV but an ipod nano i think. :smile:
  15. I already received epi black speedy 25 and epi mandarin small agenda!