what are you favorite SPANX items?

  1. so. i have been hearing about this wonder product for awhile and i am looking to make my first SPANX purchase. i am thinking of the tights to start, but i want to hear about what your favorites are. where should i start? i am looking for a slimming garment of some kind...

    thanks sweeties!:heart:
  2. Higher Power is my fave.
  3. I also love the Hide and Sleek girl shorts.

  4. I love them but I'm not sure of the names. The girl shorts make me look better in wrap dresses and pants.
  5. love the tights and the trouser socks
  6. I LOVE the end to end tights. They are so comfortable and really smooth you out under anything! I also have the power panty for under wrap dresses and pants.

  7. Are the girl short and the power panty equal in their, uhm, sleeking power?

    I have the hide and sleek cami. Love it! and the full length slim incognito thing that attaches to your bra. The "hold stuff in" value is great, but I can't seem to attach it to my bra without bulges under my tops.
  8. I have some, neon grren spanx pants, for running .
  9. thank you all, this is just the info i was looking for. i knew i would find help here!
  10. Higher Power! They're crotchless, too (which sounds so obscene, but they're the farthest thing from sexy), and so it's so easy to use the bathroom!
  11. hide and sleek shorts for me!
  12. I bought trouser socks and they fell apart very quickly (less than a month). In comparison, my Wolford trouser socks have been going for two years. Scared me off from buying anything else from Spanx.
  13. FYI, Sara Blakely has a lower price line, Assets, which is sold exclusively at Target (I think). Much lower prices, and quality is not as good either. But, hey, cheap Spanx! It was hard for me to compare quality since I bought Assets tights and Spanx [higher] power panties. Apples and oranges, you know?
  14. Another thumbs up for Higher Power panties. :tup: They're higher waisted than regular panties. I've been eyeing the Lacy Cami's lately. I think they'd look nice peeking out from V-necks.
  15. Without a doubt their Spanx Tightend Footless Tights. I practically live in these leggings. I got a call from a SA at Nordstrom this morning letting me know they just got a shipment in. I headed right over and bought four pair.