What are you favorite "different" bags?


Nov 12, 2005
First of all I've only been on this site for about 5 minutes, and I've already got about 5 posts ... this could get dangerous!! ;)

Anyway I've got a couple of basic bags, denim Fendi baguette, black Gucci horsebit medium hobo, Gucci brown with red straps crescent (don't remember what that shape is called), white Dior copacobana, and black Dior hardcore bag. So I think I've got most of the colors covered, what I lack though is a cool really different bag. I really liked the Dior Peacock one, just posted about that on a seperate thread actually ... but I don't think I'm going to be able to find it.

What do you guys think about the new Fendi spy bag? I didn't love any of the colored ones, but the grey rabbit fur was pretty cool looking. Who knows, I'm getting crazy about it because I want to find something interesting, fun, a little funky, and different! So show me/tell me about anything that has caught your eye lately. I'm not a huge LV fan, and I couldn't find anything I loved from Chanel. Any other suggestions? Thanks fellow bag lovers!
Check out the new Dior lines coming out. I have a spy bag and love it, the new s/s 06 colors rock too! Have you considered the paddington? Tod's has an awesome lizard skin bag this season as well. So many possibilities! Especially with the spring season soon!
Oooh, what does the Paddington look like? I'll have to check out Todd's too.

That's good to know you like your spy bag, do you think I would get a good amount of wear out of the rabbit fur spy bag or is that sort of a waste to buy? Those do come in nice other colors. I guess I'm really thinking of something beaded that I could use as an evening bag but also wear a plain outfit with it on a regular night out. Gosh I'm picky! Haha!!
You could rock it out anytime, but if you're one of those people that needs to dress for the season, you'd probably just want a leather one.

Check the Chloe Paddington thread here!
Well, my favourite "different" bag which unfortunately is totally inappropriate for fall/winter is a Coach straw boxy tote. It's so cute, and perfect for the summer !

I really like the new Louis Vuitton Waltz bags, with the crocrodile on the top. They're a tad pricy though, but the shape and the design is certainly unique and eye catching ! Jessica Simpson is rocking one right now too. ;)
JoV said:
I really like the Hogan Fringed Shopper. And it comes in 2 sizes.

I was going to say that! I have the larger one with yellow fringe that I am wearing ALL THE TIME now with a leopard print coat. So cute! I also have the smaller one with black fringe and silver leather trim that I use for evening.