What are you favorite chocolate brands?

  1. I want to make my bf truffles for valentines day and would like to use some quality chocolate. what is everyone's favorite brands? Also, where can I buy it?, whole foods maybe? the best thing i can find at a normal grocery store is ghiardelli.
  2. I suggest Trader Joe's giant Belgian chocolate bars. They're really good and it's like <$4 for a one pound bar!
  3. If you're looking for dark chocolate, I recommend Hershey's Special Dark or Ghirardelli Bittersweet.

    For cocoa, try Callebaut (have to mail order it) or Droste.
  4. valrhona is excellent chocolate as well. specialty stores usually carry it. i've seen martha stewart recommend it many times.
  5. I'm not a chocolate fiend but I really like Lindt, Ghiradelli & Godiva :smile:
  6. Godiva
  7. Another vote for Lindt. It's a great texture and taste and is available at the supermarket - BONUS!! I also love those seashell chocolates by GuyLian.

    For more upmarket chocolates, I adore Teuscher. I love them because they're not too sweet and have a really subtle flavour; I can't stand chocolates that rely on vast amounts of sugar and cute packaging. If you can, get thee to a Teuscher store - they let you sample for free, although there are so many flavours you'd be there all day LOL. My favourites are green tea, coriander (i know, i know! but they're delicious) and the nut cluster. Oh, and the truffle with toffee shards. Again, I can't emphasise the subtlety enough - it's almost like you "smell" the taste, rather than tasting it.
  8. I've also recently tried Dolphin, which is cool for something a bit weirder. I tried their lavender chocolates, which actually have bits of dried lavender in them. I quite liked them, but my BF reckons they taste like a mouthful of pot pourri. He ran around the house going "UGH my mouth tastes like grandma! My mouth tastes like grandma!" and making a big boy-fuss.
  9. The Trader Joes chocolate bars are very good. That's so sweet to make your BF truffles.
  10. i only eat dark, but trader joes is great for the $$. other than that i love dove, ghiradelli, and godiva
  11. I've had that brand too. I got dark chocolate w/ ginger, dark w/ peppercorns and something else. I don't know. I really prefer the "melty" factor of Dove and Lindt over those, which were like $3 something each for one bar that was 2 something ounces.
  12. :heart::heart::heart:Have to be teusher, their truffles with that yummy choco powder... TDF! First had them at my boss's party and been in love since.

    I love Harry & David's truffles as well.

    I love truffles.:heart::heart::heart:
  13. I loooooove Lindt! They offer a chili and dark chocolate bar now, it's TDF!