What Are You Excited About? Part Two!

  1. The fact that I bought my HG today. I couldn't resist the temptation anymore!! She's just so beautiful, I can't get her off my mind. I love my new bag. And I believe I am done buying purses until next year. Yes, I'm satisfied now. No more purses for me for awhile. However I will occasionally lurk around the outlets for deals since I'm still looking for a nice durable bag for F/W. But only for outlet prices ($140 or under). yay! :hbeat::love:

    Time to start saving back up again. I'm soo broke! hehe.

    *stares lovingly at her new bag* :girlsigh:
  2. Off to Vegas in exactly 4 weeks!
  3. That my godfather did OK in surgery. And that their friend didn't have to "donate" to him because they found an organ donor already. I cannot wait for him to go home... hopefully there'll be a "Get Well Soon" party for him when he comes back. He deserves it. :3
  4. tomorrow working
  5. relaxing with friends today
  6. seeing a friend soon
  7. sunday funday.
  8. successful business transaction tomorrow
  9. Planning DS's 13th birthday party.
  10. tomorrow is another 2 off days :smile:
  11. planning for spain and my surgery!
  12. cantering again this weekend, makes me feel like i'm flying
  13. DH and DS come home tomorrow from visiting my in laws for the weekend:smile:
  14. a great day tomorrow
  15. meeting with a client tonight