What Are You Excited About? Part Two!

  1. Continued...
  2. Vegas this weekend!
  3. My new Antilles bucket bag that I just bought at anthropologie today! Gosh it is so gorgeous!! Smooshy soft leather, beautiful light blue color and pebbly texture, and super cute drawstring detail.. And oh! The lining is to die for. I love love it!! I am obsessed!
  4. My upcoming vacation!!

    One week land tour followed by one week cruise!

  5. Visiting parents tomorrow
  6. Today is our 9 years anniversary but SO is stuck working all the way until tonight. I was super-excited thinking we were going to spend the evening alone but seems like my plans are ruined. :cry:
  7. cocktails with friends tomorrow
  8. some fun going on later :p
  9. Britney Spears Concert Friday! So excited!!!
  10. Saturday hurry hurry!
  11. Trekking into the city today to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET! Should be awesome!
  12. Date night with the SO, tonight.
  13. Flying to Vegas tomorrow :yahoo:
  14. tomorrow can meet my colleagues and crap le!
  15. the nice weather